About Me

I started the benefits tribe or community to provide those individuals who no longer have their former employers comprehensive benefits plan (health insurance, dental, vision, disability, life, retirement) available because they no longer work for a company offering them group benefits. Whether unemployed or underemployed, a solopreneur, independent worker or small business owner, a senior or semiretired, if you DO NOT have health coverage, I can help. This community is also for you if you work for an employer that is too cheap to provide benefits to the people that make money for the company, and unfortunately, there are a lot of them.

Welcome to the tribe and I understand your pain.

I know the frustration of feeling disconnected from the large group and even though you earn an income, there are few resources available to help you figure out how to protect your family and provide you with simple answers to important questions. Well in our forum, you have a friend.

My name is Elbert Johnson, MHAM, ChFC, VBS and I live in the Atlanta area. My Benefits Consulting firm is called AI era Benefits, LLC.

I have a Masters in healthcare Administration and Management, I am a Chartered Financial Consultant, and a Voluntary Benefits Specialist. I have been advising and guiding people in how to protect their health and wealth for over 30 years and my purpose is to help you.

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