Cash to pay healthcare costs – Accident Insurance

It’s called an “Accident” for a reason – nobody plans on it, but you can plan on being covered. The need is real to have coverage for Accidental injuries.

Each year, millions of people are injured and survive. Many are faced with financial problems from the costs of covering the medical expenses. 57% of Americans have less than $1,000 in their savings accounts.

Injuries are a major source of childhood emergency department and hospital admissions. Of the 129 million ER visits in the United States in 2010, over 22 million (17 percent) were due to injuries.

Patients younger than 30 years accounted for 48 percent of all injury-related ER visits, with pediatric patients (younger than 18 years) accounting for over one-quarter of all injury-related ER visits. Each year about 254,000 children are injured just from bicycle-related accidents.

Accidental Injury is fairly common for most people. Even though we all try to avoid going to the doctor or emergency room and avoiding the high cost associated with our healthcare system, accidents do occur.

We receive injuries from trips and falls, bruises, sprains, burns, and a host of other reasons. Accidental injuries can occur anywhere, anytime, and to anyone. Few people are immune from accidents.

And once an injury does occur, the issue of having health insurance to pay for treatment surfaces.

When there is no health insurance, or when there are high out-of-pocket expenses associated with the health plan, families find themselves in a bind.

One solution that more and more people are considering is accident insurance. As the name implies, accident insurance pays you a cash amount, when a covered accident happens. Accident policies are designed to help with out-of-pocket expenses when the unexpected occurs.

The money can be used to cover the total cost or the out-of-pocket costs you incur after an accident. This type of insurance pays cash to you directly and not the provider. Then you can best decide how to use the money.

This type of policy is designed to help make healthcare costs a bit more affordable and is well worth consideration. As mentioned, it pays you cash when a covered injury occurs. This can be extremely useful when there are no funds available in your savings account or on a credit card to cover the medical out of pocket costs.

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